End of the seismic acquisition mission

Publié le 19-12-2023

After a long preparation phase that began in August, the data acquisition phase of the seismic survey took place between the 15th and 29th November.

Here are some key figures:

  • 30 kilometres of seismic line, divided into 3 lines
  • 25 people deployed = 3,600 working hours
  • 0 work-related accidents
  • 14 days of acquisition work
  • 76 hours of pure acquisition activity
  • 3 vibrator trucks (+ 2 as back-up)
  • 1,317 points vibrated (out of 1,332 planned)
  • 5,498 sensors deployed
  • 13 sensors destroyed or missing
  • 1 TB of raw data recorded

The “Service géologique de l’État” and Smart Seismik Solutions would like to thank all the local authorities and infrastructure network managers for their excellent cooperation, as well as local residents and drivers for their understanding and patience. The results of the seismic survey are expected in March.