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Seismic survey
in the Minett Basin

Exploration of the subsoil in southern Luxembourg

In 2015, evidence emerged of the potential for middle-deep geothermal energy in Luxembourg. A geophysical investigation will now be launched to gather further information on the deep subsoil.

The seismic survey relies on ground vibrations, similar to ultrasound, to gain an insight into the subsoil’s structure. Teams place sensors and trucks generate mild vibrations along predefined routes. The aim is to determine the potential of middle-deep geothermal energy.

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What is geothermal energy?

Geothermal energy uses the thermal energy stored in the earth’s crust. It offers an sustainable alternative to fossil fuels and is becoming increasingly important in Luxembourg.
Near-surface geothermal energy is ideal for single-family homes, while medium-depth geothermal energy can supply larger buildings and energy-intensive districts

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End of the seismic acquisition mission

After a long preparation phase that began in August, the data acquisition phase of the seismic survey took place between…

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Seismisches Projekt in “Pisa – de Wëssensmagazin”

Schauen Sie sich die Erklärungen zum Projekt und den Ablauf der Arbeiten in "Pisa - de Wëssensmagazin" ab 13:08 an:…

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News round-up on the Seismik project

Find out all the latest news about the Seismik project and the progress of exploration drilling. 100,7 Report – Geothermie:…

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